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Employment Opportunities

The primary reason for most relocations in other parts of the country is employment. However, when we're talking about moving to Florida, the warm climate is more of an attractive factor than the employment prospects. A dentist might retire to Florida to enjoy the sunshine, but what if you want to move to Florida and you're not near retirement age? What employment prospects might you find there when you arrive? This article will give you an overview of the jobs you might be able to find if you settled in Pembroke Pines.

If you choose Pembroke Pines, you'll have a better chance of finding a job than if you settled in many other places. While the state unemployment rate is 10.6%, the citizens of Pembroke Pines are only 8.7% unemployed. If you worked as a museum curator you may find employment at the Young At Art Museum in nearby Davie Forida. Even if you worked as a wire rope technician at Bear Equipment in New York, you will be able to find similar jobs here in Florida.

In terms of the number of employees working in a certain industry, Pembroke Pines' largest job sectors are retail, which has over 35% of the jobs in the city, health care at 20%, and accommodation at 18%. Other sectors, such as manuafacturing , education, professional services, the arts, and information technology all account for less than 5% of jobs in Pembroke Pines. The only exception is administration, which accounts for about 7% of jobs. So the top industries include both skilled and unskilled labor opportunities.

For men, the most common type of job to have is in public administration, which means government work for places like the school board and the department of public works. The next most common job for men is in construction, which might see you building homes in a new subdivision. Other common jobs include technical services, hotel clerks, restaurant servers, bank and finance officers, health care employees, and teachers.

For women, though many of the jobs are the same their level of popularity is not. For instance, the most popular jobs for women are in the health care industry, such as nurse or lab technician. Education takes up another huge chunk of the female employment statistics, followed by finance and insurance jobs. Don't discount learning new skills because computer services and professional jobs are also fairly popular, as is public administration and tourism.

Of course with Pembroke Pines located so close to Miami and its other suburbs like Hollywood and Cooper City, you'll also have your pick of jobs in those areas as well, so most people in Pembroke Pines find that they do well enough to afford a house.

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