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Moving Company 101

One of the most popular sayings in history is, "if it's too good to be true then it probably is." No matter the situation or the context in which the saying is uttered, be it regarding amenities for properties or a cable company that offers you a free laptop when you sign up for their service, you should always be wary whenever you think something is too good to be true.

That's even more important to remember when it comes to moving companies. Many owners of real estate properties looking to hire a moving company for their big move are overwhelmed with options. There are so many moving companies out there in every market that you won't have any trouble finding a moving company you can hire with your move. Where the trouble starts is finding a moving company that you can trust.

Think about movers like you would any other contractor that comes in to your home. If the roofing guy or the furnace repair person does not seem to be operating in a strictly professional manner at your first meeting, your sixth sense will tell you to skip them and hire another company. If, however, you find that the representative, for example the person who visits your home to prepare a quote on work needed, asks meaningful questions and provides knowledgeable answers, then follows up with a written estimate and documentation about how and when the work will be done, you can feel much more confident in your hiring decision.

Moving company 101 logic states that if a moving company promises you super cheap rates and lighting fast service it's probably too good to be true. What kind of a moving company makes promises like those and still be in business? Wouldn't every moving company have to make the same promises to owners or any other properties in order to stay in business? That would only seem to be the most logical answer.

The true answer though is no moving company can make any sort of promise to potential clients, as every move is different and the cost and completion time frame of one move are completely different than another move. Moving companies know that they are in competition with each other and in order to stand out above the pack they have to offer something to entice buyers and owners to hire them over any other moving company. That's something to keep in mind whenever you are made promises by a moving company you are inquiring about.

If you feel that you might be dealing with a shady or rogue moving company there are some warning signs that you should look out for. The first sign of trouble is when you are provided with an over the phone or online estimate that is really low and then when you follow up with them in person the quote has changed. Another warning sign is to not accept any estimate that isn't based on weight. Some moving companies try to charge by cubic feet and if that's the case with a moving company you're dealing with look to another moving company. If a moving company never visits your home, doesn't inspect your possessions, doesn't provide you with a list of your rights and their responsibilities, or asks for deposit up front be very, very leery of dealing with them when it comes to your move. If you're careful when hiring a moving company you should have no fear of being swindled.

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