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There is a lot involved in the process of moving, and kids or pets thrown into the mix can really add some tension. We've compiled a list of things to consider when you are moving to or from Pembroke Pines with children or pets, along with some tips that may help everything go more smoothly, especially if you're traveling far.

Moving day. Prior to the day you move in or out of your home, you will want to make arrangements for someone to look after your kids and your pets during the loading process. A visit to one of Pembroke Pines's finest doggy daycares, kennels or the vet's office can be a happy experience for your furry friend; he or she can count on a lot of attention as well as regular meals and good exercise. If you want to keep your pet with you through the process, though, you will want to find someone to look after him or her while people are going in and out of your house, arms loaded with boxes, to reduce the risk of injury or loss. Kids also have a tendency to get underfoot quite a bit while there is moving going on, so make sure you book a babysitter for a few hours on your moving day.

Don't pack everything. You'll want to be sure to keep a few things out of the boxes, just for convenience sake, especially where your kids are concerned. Pack a separate overnight bag for each of your children, and remember to include a change of clothes, a pair of pajamas, a snack or two, and some toys, books, and games. The last thing you want is for your kids to start acting up in the car because their favorite toy (and best means of distraction) is in a box in the back of the moving van.

Keep distances reasonable. If you are moving to Pembroke Pines from afar, or out of distant location, take it easy on your pets and kids. Don't set a rigorous schedule to get there. You will need take a break from driving to let your kids and your pets stretch and go to the bathroom, as well as to eat. If you are one of those people who has to travel on a strict schedule, then take a look at a map and find a suitable stopover location en route to or from Pembroke Pines. You should be giving everybody a break from the car at least every two to three hours. Remember, the more refreshed they feel, the better they will behave.

Moving with kids or pets in the equation actually doesn't have to mean a lot of extra burden, as long as you remember to plan ahead. Remember that neither kids nor pets think the same way you do, and they do need some semblance of their regular routine to stay happy and healthy.

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